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Sunday, August 08, 2004

A Song to My Dearest Friends....

Even though my life as a UM student is over, the friendship that we had will remain forever....

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn't know much of love
But it came too soon
And there was me and you
And then we got real cool
Stay at home talking on the telephone with me
We'd get so excited, we'd get so scared
Laughing at our selves thinking life's not fair
And this is how it feels

As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule
Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Can we ever find a job that won't interfere with a tan?
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
And this is how it feels

La, la, la, la?
Yeah, yeah, yeah
La, la, la, la?
We will still be friends forever

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there?
Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us 'round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

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Friday, August 06, 2004

My Convocation Day

I am officially a UM ex-student. I have no more link with UM except for the title 'ex'-student.

My convocation went on smoothly. Hoh...yeah right. Err...I would not say it went on as I planned it to be though. But surely it was the best thing that ever happen to me throughout the years of studying.

Actually, yg kelakarnya was the fact that Zeti n I arrived late. All the graduates were supposed to gather kat Bangunan Peperiksaan between 7-7.30 am. Yang aku ngan Zeti sampai situ kul 8 dah. Hah, kelam kabut bila diaorang dah line up dan berjalan masuk DTC. Since we were already late, kami kena pushed aside dan masuk pon lambat. So, bila time giliran nak amik scroll untuk Civil Engineering students, nama kami dah tak ikut giliran dah. Dah last-last with others who were also late. Tuh la...selalu gi kje kul 9.30, jalan kat AMpang tuh tak jammed dah. So, bila bertlak dari umah kul 6.50am, terlupa lak yg jammed kat jalan-jalan kat ampang tuh teruk sekali.huhuhu

But anyway, terima kasih bebanyak kepada kengkawan aku yang datang ke Konvo. So, walaupun maybe korang tak berkesempatan baca blog aku, still aku nak wish gak. Konon-kononnya, ala grammy awards nih

Yone-paling advance. hadiah sampai 5 days b4 aku konvo. Thanx gurl. So many memories together, kalau nak taip pon sehari tak cukup.
Intan-the first person yg bagi aku bunga. advance b4 sempat convocation ceremony lagi. Thank u so much 4 everything.
Fath-thanx 4 the cute mashi maro. Ur always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. Thanx 4 being such a great friend
Risya-thanx 4 the lovely orange flower. Suit ngan baju ngan selendang jubah aku tuh
Mas & Asiah-wah..cun la bunga kaler tuh. I couldn't ask for a nicer friendship than with u guys...
Ajiz-chet, tak sangka hg rupanya selama nih yg menjadi jejaka misteri tuh. Thanx 4 the white lily...huhu..terharu tul.
Faz & Azuwa- thanx 4 the cute mug cum vase. Too bad we couldn't spend more time yesterday.
Nana-my buddy! thanx 4 the chocolate. Ur the best buddy and friend anyone could have...huhuuh
Huda-wow! I didnt expect u to give anything to me. Terima kasih susah-susah bagi bungkusan coklat yg sedap-sedap tuh...
Ina-thanx 4 the balloon. Best-best!!
Koy-lupa lak nak wish. Thanx 4 the cute doraemon. Ur such a great guy friend even though baru kenal during my final year.
Rin-thanks 4 the flower. Thank u sebab datang and have lunch skali sampai terlepas lab ek.
Miza, Linda & Zai-u gurls rock! Thanx for the flowers. I will definitely come to ur convacation next year.

To my other gurlfriends, Ahyie, Ronie, Kath, Win, Diana, Norma, Yus, oh my goodness, ramai sangat nak list down but u know who u are. Thank u so much for the friendship u've given to me.

And not forgetting, my 'boy' friends (classmates),
Laloq-being ur friend is something that I could not describe with words. It was fun hanging around, going places, gossiping and playing around. U bring a whole new perspective to me. Thanx dude.
Wan-my thesis mate. It was fun eh spending our time in the lab together. Thank u so much 4 everything. I wouldnt trade with anyone for a thesis mate.
Fauzi-even though u didnt come to my conve, but I understand. But wahey, I'm still waiting for the secret that u kept so long. Aku dah grad nih, cepat bagitau!
Agos-sifu! thank u so much for everything.
Reza-senior kat sekolah, senior kat jabatan gak. Even though, pemalu nak mati, I wish u all d best in finding ur soulmate...huhu...kawan aku pon ada. *wink*wink*
Haza-hoh...klakar klakar....fun guy...nasib baik rambut dah potong
Mael-nak roti john lagi!!!
Shahnaz-tak pernah lupakan aku every cuti semester I will always recieve a phone call from u. Thanx for cherishing our friendship. Good Luck in ur life!
Abg Tet-untung Zeti dpt buddy cam dia! Thanx hari tuh pinjam duit!

Dan untuk semua yang lain, thank you very much.

Dan tentunya paling utama buat Zeti dan Ros yang sama-sama konvo skali. U guys are my best friends and we will remain as best friends forever. Thank u so much 4 the flowers. Sorry, I didn't get u guys anything. But it's the thoughts that counts right? The time we had together, going places, chatting, talking, lepaking, meronggeng...every little things too bring sweet memories to me. I would never forget our friendship together also with Mas n Asiah.


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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Busy busy busy

Ayarkh...I havent update quite long. I've been quite busy at work and when I come back home, dah penat..tak larat nak online apatah lagi sekarang demam AF nih. Kalau online jek, asyik masuk blogs yang cerita pasal AF jek.

Finally today I managed to buy a pair of shoes for my convocation. Huh..tak sangka lak, bila balik umah baru perasan, style sama ngan my sis. Nasib baik warna lain. Bukan niat nak meniru...semuanya tidak disengajakan...huhuh

Anyway, as for AF2, sedih gak Anding kuar but I was more devastated when Fitri went out. Hahha...tak tau kenapa. Even though he wasn't as good as others but I think he made a lot of effort in improving his performance. Tapi yang buat aku nyampah is the fact Nurul is still in the academy. I'm not blaming her. She has nothing to do with the votes. Ini semua salah Astro la nih...bagi total veto kat penonton untuk vote. Natijahnya, pelajar-pelajar yang disukai oleh penonton mendapat undian yang tinggi berbanding mereka yang betul-betul layak. Tapi...nak salahkan pengundi pon tak boleh cos itu duit diaorang nak vote. So, ikut suka diorang la nak vote sapa. Sapa suruh, u all tak vote ur fave student so that he/she will be able to stay longer...

Apa-apapun, nowadays it seems that time flies very fast sebab everyday when I go to work and come back home, I would be so eager to watch AF day by day.

Konvo dah nak dekat. Tak nak tukar keje baru ke??? Ntahla...malas lak....

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

4th Concert AF2

Fitri wasnt on my top 5. He was never my favourite. But to see him go was a torture to my soul. He left with dignity. He left with so many sweet memories. He made us laugh with his blunt jokes. He made us mad with his 'mind messing' towards the other students. He disguisted us with his ridiculous fashion sense. But those are memories of him in AF2 that I will never forget. AF2 will no longer be the same without him....huhuhuhu

Anyway, my comment on last night concert:-

*Bob-the song suits him well. Tapi honestly, from the last 3 concert, I must say I enjoyed his performance. Have great showmanship. Tapi this week...dia tak berjaya memukau saya lagi. Still...he's on my top 5.

*Nurul-pitching ke laut. Her worst performance so far. Ada sumbang on one or more part of the song. Tak percaya she managed to climb to the top spot selepas abis concert.

*Fitri-his best performance. I enjoyed it very much. The way he handle it when his afro felt down. When he threw the wig to the teachers and they screamed like groupies. Mcm real concert. Suara dia mungkin tak sepower students lain tapi showmanship dia semalam memang high class. It seems that he saved the best for last!

*Linda-her worst performance. Memang tak sesuai nyanyi lagu camtuh. Kaku atas pentas. Time tarik pun hancus. I wasn't at all impressed.

*Anding-dia memang sesuai bawa lagu camnih berbanding pop rock songs. It may also caused by the fact that his inspiration is there and he managed untuk menghayati lagu tuh dengan baik. His best performance. Oh yeah..back-up singers pun bagus. They all should perform a band. The Fantasia Boyzzz....sesueiii....

*Farah-For the first time I enjoyed her performance walaupun mcm tak confident on the dance steps.

*Zahid-ok, this guy can sing. He suprised me concert by concert. He deserves to be in the top 5. Mcm Fitri kata, dia boleh nyanyi banyak jenis lagu, rap, rock, etc.

*Zarina-still, I dislike her facial expression. But vocal wise, yes, she got the voice cuma she reminds me a lot of Rosma and CT.

*Mas-has not develope a full confident yet. Nampak takut-takut atas pentas. Suara ada cuma tak dilontarkan sepenuhnya. Ada juga part dalam lagu, yg dia terlari dari melodi. Kalut.

Adam-no wonder I rooted this guy from day 1. He finaly showed us his true talent. More confident. Another performance that I enjoyed apart from Fitri's. Aznil pon sporting. Cayalah...

My Top 5 as for now...
Zahid (dulu Mas, tapi she has not yet captivate me with any of her performance. Sayang sekali....has a lot of potential tapi masih kaku atas pentas)

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

My First Proper Education

Wow.....tak percaya dah masuk Julai sekarang, How time flies. Another one month, I'll be attending my Graduation Day. The day that will mark the end of my life as a student.

And to commemorate my life as a student for 17 years, I would take the opportunity to recap/flash back the sweet and bitter memories during my school years....

So, today, I'll start dengan bercerita tentang bagaimana aku pertama kali menjejakkan kaki ke sekolah untuk menimba ilmu....here goes....

I first attended school in 1986...kindergarden and I was nearly 5 years old at that time. My first proper education was in San Diego, California. I couldn't remember how it was on the first day of my school but I can guarantee that I didn't like it. When I was a kid growing up in a country that has a completely different lifestyle as we have in Malaysia, I can be catogerized as an unsosiolized kid. I did played with my neighbours but I had only a few friend. So, going to school for the first time an being surrounded by strangers is not what I was ready for.

Even though, we lived in the States since I was 2 years old, kindergarden was definitely not the place that I wanted to be in. I couldn't even recall who were my best buds during those days. But I do remember this one 'mat salleh' boy who will always walk home with me and my mom who picked me up from school almost every day. Kenapa aku kata, 'almost'. It's because there was one day that she was late. Normally, she would already be in front of the door, waiting for me to come out from the class. But there was one day that when I got out of class, I realized she wasn't there. As a naive kid, yes, I panicked. I didn't cry though but I built up all the courage I had and walked home, alone! I could still visualised the school patrol (errr...betul ke panggil camtuh ek, lupa le. Nih, org yang tolong kids cross the road), stopping the traffic and I ran across the road. And before reaching my housing area, there's a wide road which is dangerous for a small kid to cross. But yes again, I remember there was this teenage guy who held my hand and helped me across. I arrived home safely but cried like mad while knocking the door. My mum was just ready to fetch me but it seems I arrived first.

Another kindergarden memory that I can still recall was again when my mum came late to pick me up. I dont know how suddenly I joined the other kids queuing for lunch. Ok, sudah semestinya la makanan kat situ tak halal, so who was I to know? I already took the tray but fortunately my mum arrived on time. She took the tray from my hand and brought me home. I never understand why my mum did that, but I also didnt care to ask.

Hmmm...as for the lesson in school that I could remember was when the teacher asked us to make a photo frame from dough. I certainly enjoyed
doing and at the same time playing with it. There was also egg hunting during Easter. We had to find chocolate eggs hiding everywhere at the playground.

Oh well, I think that's enough with my kindergarden memories. It was the beginning of my life as a student. And the beginning of everything that is coming ahead....

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Spending My First Salary

I actually had a hard time deciding where to bring my family for a feast to celebrate my first salary and my first job. Not just that, it's also the collaboration of father's day, my parents wedding anniversary (today) and also my father's birthday tomorrow.

So, after such discussion with my family members, we decided to go to Kenny Rogers. Ok, it's not a special place to spend ur first salary but we couldn't think of going somewhere better. And of course, since my family do not go out to eat that often. Or should I say, we actually go out to eat together less than 10 times a year. So, that's the reason why we actually didn't know where to have a good meal.

But anyway, the place or what we eat is not important. What's more important is the thoughts that counts.

I actually planned to spend my first salary to treat my family and friends so if I got time to meet my friends, I'll treat them with something. Insya-Allah.......


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Demam Akademi Fantasia

Dah demam???

Nampaknya, my whole family dah demam except for me. Bukan demam AF2, tapi demam biasa. Hahah..but maybe gak pasal AF2. I actually was sick earlier when Tirai AF2 came out which was pretty funny to think of. I guess the whole family has been through the AF2 fever.

Akademi Fantasia kali nih memang hebat. The contestants are good singers. I'm even having a hard time deciding who I should root for. Only rooting, I did not vote. Why waste my money when I already wasted it on paying the ASTRO bill. Hahah..talk about free entertainment.

Anyway, last night concert was superb. Even Fitri who sang "Kasih Latifah" was good walaupun after such headbanging and fan craze, he was semput...atau 'pancit' seperti kata Farihin Abd Fatah, salah seorang juri di konsert kedua AF2.

Apa-apapun (seperti yg gemar digunakan oleh Azizi AF1), I enjoyed the whole show even I had to switch the channel between AF2 on Astro Ria and Audition on NTV7.

My comment on the students performance last night,

*Anding - errr....he has a good showmanship but I think his voice isn't that strong. He'll be in the competition for a few more weeks but personally, I don't think he will make it to the final

*Nurul - she wasn't my fave since the first episode cos of her attitude. But I was suprised that she has such great voice. She'll make it through a few more weeks kalau dia tak mengada-ngada such as crying in classes or whatsoever.

*Adam - a great dancer with a nice voice. Unfortunately, he's a KRU copycat. If he manage to change his style of singing, he will make it far. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy. In fact, he's in my Top 5 list. The song, Kerna Dia that he sang was night was not meant for his voice but he managed to sing it pretty well after some coaching by Bob.

*Bob - Despite his figure and after such comment about it last week, Bob proved that good lucks is not all it takes to be a great singer. He sang one of my fave Anuar Zain's song, Jangan Bersedih Lagi. I'm sure if anyone has learnt the song by their heart, they will notice that Bob had forgot his lyric but manage to cover up nicely.

*Farah - happy-go-lucky. Nice voice but uniqueless. Nothing to brag about. The dance routine did not fit the song but a good effort.

*Zahid - he managed to sing the chorus of Istana Menanti without any mistake on the pitching. Funny guy and he's the one yang menghidupkan suasana di akademi.

*Zarina - reminded me so much of Rosma. The way she sing, lirikan matanya, the way she smile. Anyway, she has such great voice but again, just like Rosma, uniqueless. Many singers in Malaysia already got that kind of voice.

*Fitri - not a suitable song for his soft voice. But I admire his effort of using the whole stage to perform. I already commented on the way he sang so no need to elaborate more.

*Edlin - during diari AF2, I was actually suprised on her English pronunciation was not what I expected it to be. But regardless, she performed very well. But she could add more dancing to her singing.

*Mas - as Farihin said, unique husky voice but she needed more ontrol in it. Powerful performance as she gave it all out. Touching moment when ASTRO brought her family in. Since her fans are multiplying, she'll last long.

*Linda - talented. No more elaboration.

*Kaer - superb voice. Despite forgetting his lyric, he manage to capture the audience attention. Kaer brings positive energy to the spectators. He creative in a way of changing the melody. Not too much, but just nice. Reminded me of Vince though. But I disgree on how Kudsia said he'll be the AF2 winner since it'll offence the other students. He still has a long way to go but personally, I do think he'll make it to the final.

So, itulah dia ulasan aku berkenaan konsert kedua Akademi Fantasia. Kalau anda tak puas hati dengan komen yang diberikan, itu terpulang pada anda. It's my own opinion so I'll say what I want to say.

At the moment, my top 5 choice are Kaer, Linda, Bob, Adam dan Mas.

Uhuhuhu........demam lagi laaaaaaa..............

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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Ke Panggung Wayang

Funny isn't it? Nowdays kita tak selalu sebut the word, "Panggung". It's true. Normally, when someone ask where ur going, u will answer, "Nak ke Mid Valley, tgk wayang", instead of saying "Nak ke panggung wayang".

I noticed it when my sisters and I were planning to go and watch Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, my mum asked me, "Nak pi panggung wayang ke?" I actualy laughed when she mentioned the word Panggung cos we seldom use that word. Maybe when the word panggung is mentioned, I would imagine Panggung Wayang Rex, Cathay, and other old panggung wayang. Nowdays, youngsters prefer watching movies at GSC and TGV cos the cinema is more comfortable.

Anyway, I brought my sisters to Cheras Leisure Mall to watch Harry Potter. And actually, that was the second time we went out to watch a movie together. The first time was with the whole family watching Jurassic Park 1 in 1993.

The movie was ok but I prefer the first Harry Potter cos there's more adventure in it. I don't want to elaborate more on the movie since I don't want to spoil the suprises for u guys who have not watch it yet. But if ur a Harry Potter fan, u should watch it though!

Oh well....I'm looking forward for the next movie coming up next year in November. Are u available , Yone???hahahh

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Spain Seri!

Time aku tengok tuh, SPain sedang mendahului 1-0 dengan jaringan yang cantik daripada Morientes hasil hantaran kemas daripada Raul. Fuiyoo..terror pulak aku buat ulasan bola.

Dah abis first half, aku tido pasal esoknya nak keje. Takut tak dapat bangun lak. Bila dengar radio on the way to work, barula aku tau, yg diaorang seri 1-1 with Greece. Arghh..too bad. I shouldnt have go to bed. Harharhar...mesti sebab takde sokongan padu daripada aku tuh yg menyebabkan gawang Spain berjaya dibolos. Too bad...huhuhuu

Anyway, looking forward for the next match between Spain and Portugal. To tell the truth, I wanted both team to go to suku akhir but it Greece seems to be leading the chart at the moment and it wouldnt be that hard for them to beat Russia. But I did dreamt that Greece atually lost to that team. Hopefully it will come true...hahhaha...and then Spain could draw with Portugal and both will be able to go to the quarter finals....hahahha (gelak jahat lagi)...

Oh well..nampaknya demam bola lagi la aku nih......makan bola! tidur bola! minum coca cola????oh tidak.......

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

AWAS Dengan Perkhidmatan Dobi!

Marahnya aku kat Dobi Bkt Indah nih! Aku sarankan kalau sesapa yang tinggal di Bkt Indah dan bercadang nak hantar Dobi di Kedai Dobi Chai tuh, baik bantutkan hasrat. Aku hantar baju ke dobi supaya dapat la di dry cleaning kan baju thai silk aku tuh. Rupanya sebaliknya berlaku. Bukannya bertambah elok....makin teruk. Bercompang camping kesan minyak! Dah la bau busuk! Bukanke kalau hantar dry cleaning, baju sepatutnya bau wangi.

Memang first time kami hantar dry cleaning kat tempat tuh. Sebelum nih hantar tempat jauh sikit tapi tak pernah sikit pun ada masalah. Baju yang dihantar semuanya elok, bersih dan wangi. Tapi kali nih lain pula jadinya.

Sudahla tuh, baju yang dihantar tuh nanti bakal dipakai time graduation day. Harga bukan murah. Tempah saja dah RM200. Bila campur kain sekali, dekat RM400 baju tuh.Kalau setakat berpuluh-puluh ringgit jek, aku tak kisah. Lagi kesian baju adik aku. Tertetas (terkoyak) dekat bahagian pelit bajunya. Sah la orang tuh try dulu baju tuh. Sebelum hantar memang dah check, takde cacat cela pun. Bertambah geram bila kesan kapur pun tak hilang. Dry cleaning apa ke benda namanya nih! Nih seperti ditipu bulat-bulat!

Kerana dek geram dan marah sangat, aku, mak ngan adik ke kedai dobi tuh. Hah, apa lagi kena bantai la budak tuh. Tokei pulak takde. Konon kata adik dia masuk ICU. Bertambah panas lagi hati kami yg memang tgh meluap-luap nih bila budak kedai tuh boleh buat endah tak endah jek.

Celaka betul. Mintak maaf la. Aku dah tak dapat tahan lagi kata-kata aku nih. Aku rasa, kalau korang di tempat yang sama pun, mesti marah jugak. Dah la dua-dua baju tuh, tak pernah pakai lagi. Bila minta semula dia bayar ganti rugi, dia tak nak. Tak layan lak tuh. Dia ingat senang ke nak carik duit dekat RM700 utk buat dua-dua baju tuh. Aku boleh gerenti, dia tak mampu punya. Bila mintak dia bayar duit hantar dry cleaning pon dia tak nak. Minta no tel bos dia pun tak bagi. Takut kononnya. Ish...geram betul aku. Tersangat geram. Macam nak bagi penampar kat dia jek kat situ juga. Nasib baik aku nih masih punya hati dan perasan bukan macam dia! Memang la dia tak rasa sebab bukan baju dia. Bodoh!

Keinginan untuk report ke Persatuan Pengguna memang menebal tapi bila aku pikir-pikir balik, aku yakin komplain ku tidak akan dilayan. Macam nih la masyarakat Malaysia, kononnya terkenal dengan ciri-ciri ketimuran. Chet. Kini tiada lagi. Bukan sekali dua terkena, tapi banyak kali juga dilayan dengan kasar oleh org Malaysia sendiri. Aku sendiri malu menjadi rakyat Malaysia. Kalau di Amerika Syarikat, pengguna diutamakan. Jika tidak puas hati dengan sesuatu perkhidmatan, "Money Back Guarantee". Oh ya, memang di Malaysia juga ada dilaungkan slogan tersebut tapi tunggulah jadi pungguk menunggu bayaran balik tuh. Kekadang boleh makan masa bertahun. Aku sebenarnya dah mual dengan perangai orang Malaysia sendiri. Memang bukan semua yang berperangai begitu tapi memang ada dan bukan sedikit. Kita boleh lihat sendiri kalau di shopping complex umpamanya, sekiranya org luar yang hendak membeli barang, dilayan bagai anak raja. Tapi bila warganegara malahan kaum sendiri yang datang membeli, dibuat endah tak endah. Kalau layan pun ala kadar jek. Kalau nak aku cakap pasal perangai buruk orang Malaysia nih sebenarnya balik dan kekadang kita sendiri tak sedar. Tapi aku tahu, hanya menambahkan kekecewaan aku terhadap negara dan bangsa aku sendiri jek.

Aku berharap agar Allah dapat membalas apa yang telah mereka lakukan kepada kami. Moga perniagaan mereka tuh menimpa musibah kerana aku tahu, segala yang kita lakukan, akan menerima balasan. Biarlah Allah yang menentukan balasan ke atas mereka. Aku redha. Aku bermohon juga pada Allah agar menabahkan hati aku untuk menghadapi segala dugaan dan cabaran.

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Job hunt!

This morning, I went to UTM Semarak to get a form for the application for the post of an engineer. I went there early...before 9 and went straight to work. I arrived at work 10 mins after which was pretty early. As I was early, I decided to fill up the form in the car while listening to the radio.

Oh well, lupa nak cerita, today is the first day of orientation right? Wah..teringat kenangan time first mendaftar di Asasi Sains Fizikal UM dulu. I had such fun. Memang best. But anyway, tadi kat UTM, nampaknya semua new students kena pakai uniform. Pelik gak..cam baru masuk asrama sekolah menengah. apa-apapun, it's good enough to recalled my memories as a student.

Let's skip about all these memories thingy. Maybe next month, I should tribute the whole month into the sweetest, sour and bitter memories of me as a student. Oh yes, that would be fun.

Ok, back to the job application. I called Shahnaz to ask about the job title since he was the one who told me about the vacancy but to my horror, the closing date is today! How unfortunate. And worst is that I have to post it to UTM Skudai. Great...just great.

Eventhough I did not get into too much problem in getting the form, but I do still think that close or not, I should give it a try in posting the application. U just don't know how lucky u could be. Rezeki ada di mana-mana dan Allah dah tetapkan rezeki untuk setiap seorang.

So, tomorrow I'll be sending the application by pos laju and at the mean time, just keep my fingers crossed.

This week..I should struggle more in hunting for a job as an engineer. I might as well try out for KPLI. Just to see whether I'll get it or not cos I heard it's so hard to get through since there's too many applications.

Another one, my dad wanted me to apply as an army. An engineer army. He's been encouraging us to join the army since we were in high school. He did said yesterday after reading the vacancy in the paper, "Kalau salah sorang jadi tentera, pak dah cukup seronok." I got what he meant. My dad wanted to be an army so bad when he was young. He even was recruited and had registered at MINDEF but my grandma tak bagi. He was devastated by that time but somehow, I think his work now is much better than what he bargain for.

Oh well, if I was meant to be an army, so let it be........

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